Degrees offered

PAThS offers both Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degrees in two major academic divisions:

Theological Studies | Christian Leadership Studies

All programs of study require residency on campus twice a year until all course requirements are met.



Doctor of Philosophy in Theological Studies

This program focuses on developing students’ capacity to exegete Scripture for both the academy and the church. The program is intentionally narrow in focus to produce exegetically skilled scholar-practitioners. It is designed to prepare graduates students to think critically, write academically, and teach effectively, all in order to address the challenges faced by the rapidly growing African church. The program culminates in a dissertation characterized by skilled exegesis and theological reflection.

PhD graduates in Theological Studies are prepared to serve the church as:

  • Bible expositors

  • Theological educators

  • Greek scholars

  • Academic researchers and writers


Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership

This program focuses on developing students’ capacity to assume various leadership roles in theological training. These include established schools offering advanced academic degrees. This degree program prepares graduates to apply educational theories and best practices to the challenge of preparing the current and next generation of church leaders in Africa. The program requires a theoretically focused dissertation capable of contributing in a significant way to the body of literature in education.

PhD graduates in Educational Leadership are prepared to serve the church in Africa as:

  • Bible school principals and academic deans

  • Education and leadership lecturers

  • Curriculum specialists tasked with designing creative educational responses to training needs and challenges in national churches

  • Consultants to theological schools seeking accreditation


Doctor of Ministry in Theological Studies

This professional degree program is designed to expose students to ministry competencies in Scripture exposition and interpretation. It fosters an in-depth understanding of biblical studies and the application of Scripture in diverse ministry contexts. The program culminates in a ministry-focused dissertation that reflects a doctoral-level treatment of a contextual problem by Scripture.

DMin graduates in Theological Studies typically serve the church as:

  • Bible school faculty and administrators

  • Pastors

  • Church leaders at various levels

  • Missionaries

Doctor of Ministry in Organizational Leadership

This professional degree program focuses on developing students’ capacity to lead a variety of organizations effectively. Leadership is examined from both a western-theoretical and an African contextual perspective. The program requires an applied dissertation capable of contributing in a significant way to the development or enhancement of a ministry-related organization in Africa.

DMin graduates in Organizational Leadership are prepared to serve the church as:

  • Directors of, or key staff personnel in, national church organizations

  • Directors of church-affiliated NGOs

  • Pastors in multi-staffed churches

  • Chief administrators of church and para-church organizations



PAThS values multiple recognitions to reflect our international student body. In order to better serve our student body, we align with international standards for doctoral-level education. PAThS has received full recognition for the quality of its program from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Togo, West Africa, as the doctoral program of la Faculté de Théologie des Assemblées de Dieu (FATAD), also known as West Africa Advanced School of Theology (WAAST). In 2016, PAThS received accreditation from the Accreditation Commission of the Association for Pentecostal Theological Education in Africa (APTEA) and its parent body, the World Alliance for Pentecostal Theological Education (WAPTE). Application for recognition has also been made to the Commission for University Education, Government of Kenya.