PAThS exists to prepare servant leaders to equip the church of Africa to fulfill God’s mission in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Because of this commitment, the training priorities of this seminary are intentionally biblical in perspective, Pentecostal in orientation, missional in emphasis, contextual in application, and scholarly in practice.

It is the conviction of the leadership of this seminary that God has a great plan for the church in Africa to fulfill through fully participating in the Missio Dei to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the earth. PAThS exists to prepare trainers and leaders of the African church, who will in turn equip other eleventh-hour laborers to fulfill their God-given destiny (2 Tim. 2:2).



Biblical in perspective: We value a high view of Scripture. We believe the entire Bible (Old and New Testaments) is inspired of God and is the revelation of God to humanity, the infallible, authoritative rule of faith and conduct for all of life. The Bible is indispensable to the identity, health, and mission of God’s people. The seminary considers it a sacred responsibility to pass on to students a passion for God’s Word. We prioritize the use of skillful exegesis to correctly understand and apply Scripture.

Pentecostal in orientation: We value theological education characterized by Pentecostal ethos. Pentecostal-theological education emphasizes the role and presence of the Holy Spirit in student formation. Because the Spirit’s intervention is essential for personal growth and ministry, the seminary commits to creating space for the Holy Spirit in all parts of the educative process, emphasizing His role in the student’s learning experience. 

Missional in emphasis: We value the church’s role in proclaiming God’s mission to redeem sinful humanity and restore a fallen world. This mission is realized evangelistically through the proclamation of the gospel of Christ, and is lived out in the ministry context of everyday life. The seminary is committed to Christ’s Great Commission, and therefore is also committed to effectively equip and empower students for meaningful engagement in this purpose. 

Contextual in application: We value the ministry context of every student. The faculty of the seminary are committed to a learning environment that presents information in a way that will help the student better construct meaning out of his or her own experiences. The learning environment exists not only in the classroom, but also in the student’s local context through application of course content to the student’s own cultural setting and ministry.

Scholarly in practice: We value scholar-practitioners who are aware of, and can respond to, questions the surrounding culture is asking. All truth is God’s truth; therefore we are committed to knowing truth through scholarly investigation. The seminary is committed to effectual theological education resulting in outcomes characterized by scholarly rigor, academic integrity, and ministerial competence.